Masters News and Info 2005/6 Season

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Nov 26, 2005 Florida Masters NOR is now posted.
Nov 17, 2005 The masters list bites the dust.  The server got moved but the lists did not.  The Laser Forum is now hosting a new masters list at  I guess we'll see how it goes.  In the meantime send any news for posting to [email protected] and well post it on this page.

Masters North Americans are at Milwaukee Yacht Club on Sept 8-10.  It looks like the US Masters will be in San Fran somewhere on August 11-13 but it is not yet confirmed

Your masters coordinator is taking a respite from volunteer activities in 2006, so Peter Seidenberg will take over point duty.   FYI the masters subcommittee is Peter Seidenberg, Bill Symes, John D-E, and David Hartman.  If you want anything changed, fixed, etc. contact any one of them.   The masters website will stay active until the end of the 2005, but after then, no promises.

Don't forget to visit the "Future Worlds" page to see where we will be sailing in future World Masters.


July 10, 2005 Your webmaster wins Cdn Masters!

More info on Fortaleza worlds.  Improved wind reports, more travel info etc.

Need to complete 2006/7 major regatta locations.


Jan 14, 2005 Following on fom the Dec 14, note below, the Atlantic Coast Masters will now be at Brant Beach on the July 9-10 weekend.  The event will also be the open ACC for the full rig, radial and 4.7's with each of the four fleets having their own race.  There will be two courses with two fleets per course.  This will prevent the clash with the NA's out west in September.  Thanks to Peter Seidenberg to coordinating this and the boys at FBYC for being understanding to why we wanted to avoid the clash of dates.  
Dec 20, 2004 A new non-series event is now on the schedule - the B.C. Masters at Kamloops, B.C. on July 16-17 weekend.
Dec 14, 2004 We are looking for a host for the Atlantic Coast Masters that could put on the regatta so it does not clash with the NA Masters on Sept 9-11.  Peter Seidenberg is heading up the search.  If we are not successful the event will be attached to the Chesapeake Bay Masters at Fishing Bay Yacht Club on Sept 10-11.
  The Florida Masters are back to a Saturday and Sunday event Feb after going to Sunday/Monday last year.  Problem was lack of volunteers available on the Monday (Valentine's day)

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