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Each season the news will be archived to this page.  Not much news posted for 2004 season - it reflects the amount of sailing your Master's Coordinator managed to do during the year - 3days!  But wait for 2005.

Mar 21, 2004 Fairly low (less than 20) entries in the Apprentices and Masters, but 32 so far in the Grand Masters including ex Finn Gold Cup winner (1975) Magnus Olin who has been cleaning up in Sweden.  Watch out Keith W and Mark B!  And of course yours truly is in training now...

Of course it would help if the European Masters would not schedule events during the Worlds.  Are these guys brain dead or what?  See the Euro schedule for dumberererer planning.  For reference Turkey is May 21-29, 2004.

Brazil in 2005 is now early November, the grapevine is talking about South Korea in 2006.  2007 is waiting on ISAF.

Feb 17, 2004 There are 19 charter boats reserved for NA Region according to Jeff Martin.  9 have been reserved leaving 10.  If you miss out on the 19, then you need to register on March 1, 2004, when the charters are no longer on allocation.

The future worlds locations are now 2005 Brazil in October, 2006 is unknown, at least by JDE.

Great Lakes Masters are fixed - go to 2004 schedule for info.

August 7, 2003 Kurt Taulbee has had to pull out of doing charters at the NA Masters.
July 29, 2003






The text below was posted on the Masters e-mail list this date

Masters Worlds Schedule
You all know the 2003 Worlds are in Cadiz, but do you know the following years?  Here is the story as I know it.  Nothing guaranteed of course!
    2004 Masters Worlds  -  Cesme, Turkey towards the end of May - less than 10 months to go!!!
    2005 Masters Worlds -  Brazil, most likely December if Brazil, but still yet to be confirmed by WC.
    2006 Masters Worlds -  La Rochelle France
    2007 Masters Worlds - will be determined by ISAF as it will form part of ISAF championships
It looks like we will be having February in Florida again (Florida Masters, Masters MWE and MWE on successive weekends) and for the first time March in SoCal.  Nils has promised us three events in a row (Calif Masters, MWW, and ABOCR).  All subject to confirmation but looks hopeful.    No clash for Calif Masters and the eastern events this spring.
Charters and Married Life
Kurt Taulbee will have charter boats for the NA Masters.(NOT ANYMORE -SEE ABOVE!!)  (and for CORK and the US Nats) 
contact Kurt at [email protected] for more information.  Kurt and Meka also just got hitched - about time you guys!
I don't know if you are up with the recent discussion on radials at masters events (see news item on July 11 below), but to cut a long story short, we will be having and Open radial fleet at the three major events next year.  Other events may have a radial event if sufficient interest ahead of time.  We are suggesting that if 5 radials min pre-register then you can have a separate radial fleet.  It will be handicapped using NA Masters handicapping but age group prizes will NOT be awarded.  GGMs and Ladies will have the option of choosing fleets and if they sail full rig they will still be allowed to switch rigs as before.  For your information the European masters series has an open Radial division.  Only twice so far this year have they had more than five radials, but we will see what happens.    Comments please!
Scoring Programs
You may have seen the St. Pete scoring program for laser masters being used.  If you have you will have noted that the individual race results were handicapped so it was not obvious who won the race.  Well, after some e-mails with the program's author Dick Weaver, he has kindly modified the output so we get the actual on the water results shown before handicapping.  You need to download a new version of the program at   Please use this program for future laser masters events at your clubs. Its $25 US  but the price is cheap.
Major Regatta locations for 2004/5
Time to step up to the plate for the next few years. 
Seattle and Wrightsville Beach have been talking about hosting majors in the US.   Canadian Masters have a rotation and will likely be in Ontario in 2004 and Alberta in 2005.  Requests ASAP please
July 11, 2003 Well sorry about the lack of news and rankings.  We'll try for some new rankings after the US Masters. 
  Out of the blue the NORs for the US Masters and also the NA Masters both advertised Radial fleets racing separately from the full rigs.  It appears some of the locals in Long Beach want to practice radial sailing before going to Cadiz.  I then got lobbied by some senior masters sailors NOT to have separate fleets at the NA's because it would dilute the standard.  (FYI Rolex were going to award a Rolex watch to the winner of both fleets if a minimum of 35 boats raced per fleet.  The chances of 35 Radials showing up to me is about zilch, zero.) We have asked therefore the NYYC not to sail a separate radial fleet but stay with full rigs with GGMs and ladies being able to switch rigs. 

Send feedback on this issue to [email protected] please.

February 21, 2003 Just in time for the 2003 season, the 2002 revised division results are posted.  Check them out and see what it takes to win (besides a few tanks of gas).  Click on division links below to see the full results for each division.

John D-E's early season rankings will be published soon.  Want to figure in the results?  Just win a few races.

    Apprentice  Pts   Master Pts   Grand Master Pts   Great Grand Master Pts  
  1 Ned Jones 5   Buzzy Heausler 5   Peter Seidenberg 3   Jim Christopher 3  
  2 Chris Raab 6   Mark Kastel 6   David Hartman 6   Henry Dewolf 5  
  3 Brodie Cobb 9   Ian Lineberger 9   Chris Boome 6   Ken Hopkins 9  
  4 Mark Bear 14   Fred Schroth 10   Amnon Gitelson 12   Don Acker 13  
  5 Randall Rea 15   Tim Landt 14   Claude Welles 20   Mike Eichwald 13  
October 6, 2002 Here are the top 5 results in the 2002 world masters.   North American sailors presented themselves very well, particularly in the Masters, where the rest of the world had a hard time getting a look in.

New ranking list will be revised shortly.  Some major age group changes took place this year so the the old hands will need to do some serious work in the next 12 months to regain their lost positions. Masters now has the most revised pecking order.  Not all the hot shots sailed the Masters.  Apprentices Steve Bourdow, Kurt Taulbee and Eric Faust  took a rest after the worlds. Steve scored a well earned 29th in the Senior gold fleet and should be the man to beat from now on.  Bold font shows those in August rankings.  I got 90% for the older geezers but only 40% for the younger half -- and who is Andrew Pimental, anyway?

    Apprentice Master Grand Master Great Grand Master
  1 4th Andrew Pimental 1st Ed Adams 2nd Bill Symes 1st Dick Tillman
  2 6th Russ Silvestri 2nd Mark Bear 3rd Peter Seidenberg 2nd Henry DeWolf Jr,
  3 8th Marc Jacobi 3rd Peter Vessella 6th Chris Boome 3rd Heinz Gebauer
  4 9th Chris Raab 4th Chuck Tripp 8th John D-E 4th Jim Christopher
  5 11th Brodie Cobb 5th Tracy Usher 11th Joe Van Rossem 11th Bob Saltmarsh
August 1, 2002 Revised top 5 list after some masters events.  Peter Follansbee cleaned up at the New England Masters so regains a spot, this time above Ted Moore who also sailed part of the regatta.  In Grand Masters, Chris Boome advised that I should put Bill Symes ahead of him based on recent results.  I have not sailed against them recently but a couple of years ago I beat Bill at the NA's in the Gorge so I am taking some license (also after my #2 finish at the Western Canadian Masters) and daring to put myself into # 5 spot.
    Apprentice Master Grand Master Great Grand Master
  1 Mark Jacobi Tracy Usher Joe Van Rossem Henry DeWolf Jr,
  2 Kurt Taulbee Doug Peckover Peter Seidenberg Dick Tillman
  3 Chris Raab Ian Lineberger Bill Symes Fran Schoettle
  4 Brodie Cobb Peter Follansbee Chris Boome Heinz Gebauer
  5 Mark Brink Ted Moore John D-E Jim Christopher
May 16, 2002 North Carolina Masters scheduled for June 28 - 29 is now kaputski, gone, history, no more, per Chuck Lee.
April 10, 2002 US Masters results posted.  The fair sex get their just deserts and join the Great Grand Masters with rig swapping permitted if sail numbers are the same.  And Doug Peckover regains the #2 spot over Ian Lineberger after the US Masters.  Everything else stays the same unless I hear complaints.
    Apprentice Master Grand Master Great Grand Master
  1 Mark Jacobi Tracy Usher Joe Van Rossem Henry DeWolf Jr,
  2 Kurt Taulbee Doug Peckover Peter Seidenberg Dick Tillman
  3 Chris Raab Ian Lineberger Chris Boome Fran Schoettle
  4 Brodie Cobb Ted Moore Ammon Gitelson Heinz Gebauer
  5 Mark Brink Dennis Clark Lindsay Hewitt Jim Christopher
March 25, 2002 Extra event for all you masters in the Atlantic NE to help bring you up to speed for September.  Peter Seidenberg has advised today:  "The Seitech New England Masters regatta will take place on July 20-21 at  Peter Lawson's Landing in East Greenwich, RI."
  One adjustment to the top five list following the open Midwinters west, where Tracy Usher showed some great speed to finish 4th overall.
    Apprentice Master Grand Master Great Grand Master
  1 Mark Jacobi Tracy Usher Joe Van Rossem Henry DeWolf Jr,
  2 Kurt Taulbee Ian Lineberger Peter Seidenberg Dick Tillman
  3 Chris Raab Doug Peckover Chris Boome Fran Schoettle
  4 Brodie Cobb Ted Moore Ammon Gitelson Heinz Gebauer
  5 Mark Brink Dennis Clark Lindsay Hewitt Jim Christopher
March 1, 2002 John D-E's revised top 5 listing after the first two events.  Tracy Usher and Dick Tillman had important birthdays so I have plugged them into a slot in the next age group.  GM's #3 to #5 are wide open.  I give #3 to #5 based on the 2002 MMWE results. Suggestions, complaints and bribes gratefully received.
    Apprentice Master Grand Master Great Grand Master
  1 Mark Jacobi Ian Lineberger Joe Van Rossem Henry DeWolf Jr,
  2 Kurt Taulbee Doug Peckover Peter Seidenberg Dick Tillman
  3 Chris Raab Tracy Usher Chris Boome Fran Schoettle
  4 Brodie Cobb Ted Moore Ammon Gitelson Heinz Gebauer
  5 Mark Brink Dennis Clark Lindsay Hewitt Jim Christopher
February 21, 2002 Hot shot Apprentices Jacobi, Taulbee and Raab show 60+ other sailors a clean pair of hiking boots in the Masters Midwinters. 8 of the first 10 are Apprentices. Are the old guys just too slow? Results here.  I am trying to get a report from one of the fast guys.  Taulbee entering his first masters event qualifies him for my top list.  Tracy Usher just got too old for the Apprentices so the new top 5 Apprentices are 1 Jacobi, 2 Taulbee, 3 Raab, 4 Brink, and 5, based on Masters Midwinter results is now Brodie Cobb, edging out Mark Bear for the spot.  Dick Tillman is now GGM so watch out Henry.  Dick will move to #2 GGM but Henry could be moved off top spot if he lets it happen again.
February 21, 2002 As published in the Winter Laser Sailor here is John D-E's top 5 lists based on worlds and other major results in 2000 and 2001
  Apprentice Master Grand Master Great Grand Master
1 Mark Jacobi Ian Lineberger Joe van Rossem Henry de Wolf
2 Chris Raab Doug Peckover Dick Tillman Fran Schoettle
3 Mark Brink Ted Moore Peter Seidenberg Heinz Gebauer
4 Tracy Usher Dennis Clark Halsey Bullen Jim Christopher
5 Michael Johnson Peter Follansbee Don Law Bob Saltmarsh
February 18, 2002 Well I got my Laser Sailor today and on page 11, Masters News, it says that we will start to register sailors who could bring a spare boat to the Masters worlds in Hyannis.  Thanks to the wonderful reminder it presented the form for private charters is now posted here
December 16, 2001 The Masters schedule  for 2002 is firming up.  We will be having a couple of extra events in 2001.  We will have an extra Atlantic Coast Masters event in September as a warm up to the Worlds two weeks later in Hyannis.  We will also have a new event, the Western Canadian Masters which will be a series event in the years when the other events are so far away from the frozen north.

We got somewhat out of sync this year with the NA's being located almost as the last event (and still to be confirmed) but we do have a masters sailing season that stretches from February until November, which is pretty good in my book.  In future we will try very hard to have the US, Cdns, and NAs located a full year in advance.  Canadians in 2003 will be in Vancouver or Victoria area due to rotation between east and west.  US and NA's still to be located for 2003

November 21, 2001 February in Florida is now set:

January 29 - February 2  Miami OCR

February 8-9 at West Palm Beach - Florida Masters  (Jack Swenson)
     If there is a chance you will make this event please click here

February 15-16 at Clearwater - Masters Midwinters

February 21-24 at Clearwater - Open Midwinters

November 4, 2001 ISAF Executive committee mtg. minutes are on the web and make for interesting reading.  At least they have meetings and minutes!!!!
November 4, 2001 This was put out on the masters e-mail list by yours truly:

How many series events should we have? I am being lobbied hard by some of the GMs and GGMs to have the Jack Swenson Masters added to the Masters series list. My original thought was this would start to dilute the event somewhat and it would be difficult to argue against adding further events in other parts of the region for those who are not close even to on event.  (By close I mean you can drive home after the event and still be at work the next day - an 8 to 9 hour drive - Europeans will laugh at this, 8 or 9 hours driving will get them to most of their events.)

One problem this year is that we still  have not set our major event, the North American Masters so we are working ass-backwards in terms of spreading the events around the region.  Ideally we should set our three major events and then locate the other events geographically to suit.  With respect to the push to get events back to back, I am not so concerned that we do this solely with master events but in my opinion an open event back to back with a masters event is just fine so we can race with the hotshots as well (like Fred's two events at Lake Travis).  The case for back to back masters should normally be with the three larger events, the Atlantic Coasts, US Masters, and NA Masters  to encourage the highest turnout and highest standard of racing. 

Compare the 2001 series map with the 2002 series map (so far) and you will see we are not achieving the fairly even spread we had in 2001.  Where should the Atlantic Coast be? Should it be near to Hyannis prior to the event or down the coast to even up the travelling? Or what about the NAs being around Chicago again prior to Hyannis so the westerners can break their journey and tune up on the way?  Give John and Fred your opinions on the masters e-mail list - and start thinking about 2003.  The Canadians will be out west again, Vancouver or Victoria, and D24 should get an event. 

November 2, 2001  World Masters at Hyannis  Registration Sep 20-21 Sailing Sep 22-24 and 26-28   (per ILCA release)
November 1, 2001 Are you up for Bermuda International Race Week 2002?  These e-mails provide the details:

Hi John, my name is Mike Lewis I am taking over from Robbie Dickinson as President of  the Bermuda Laser Sailing Association. Each year around the end of April we  have an International Race week. It is run by the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club  for Etchells, IOD's, J24's, Lasers, Snipes, 505's and Sunfish dinghies. It  is by invitation only, however if anyone is interested in coming down to the event we can get them an invite. We will also provide boats and accommodation  (homestays) for free. We would like to put something on the in the events section on the Laser Masters webpage, is that possible?   If yes here is some information:

The dates this year are April 27th to May 5th and the website address for  the NOR, photos etc. is It has not yet been updated for 2002  but the details will be very similar to last year. Anybody who is interested can contact me on 441-293-5329 (h) or 441-295-2447 (w) for information or by  email on [email protected] .

Thanks & regards, Mike

Mike, I would be happy to publicize the event for you. Let me know how many you can accept from the NA mainland and I will do what I can. - John
Hi John, we can provide 20 reasonable boats, 30 at a push. Mike


If you are interested send Mike an e-mail

October 31, 2001 Florida Winter Events still moving -- final dates for Florida events should be set "really soon". It is expected that MMWE will be prior to the OMWE.  It is now NA Region policy to make best efforts to have the MMWE (Masters Midwinters east) the weekend prior to the OMWE (open Midwinters east) to make this an annual winter vacation for masters.  Events will be either at the same club or at nearby clubs to allow for logistics of hotels, charters, car rentals etc.
October 31, 2001 No host yet set for the 2002 NA Champs.  Fred says he is "working on it" but will say no more.